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Key 4 - Insulators


Just as the outbound line and the return line in an electrical circuit must be insulated from one another, so too must your positive intent be insulated from the negative charge that permeates societies. If it isn’t, your goals and intent will get short circuited just like a frayed electrical cord might.

For people, the insulators are faith—not blind faith (which isn’t really faith at all, but a choice for ignorance), but the faith that comes from knowing. Knowing—a product of a mind open to inquiry and learning—produces confidence and trust. And this confidence is what acts as human insulators.

There are three levels of insulation for people and the more of them you have, the better your defenses against the forces that can derail you. The three levels are faith in self, faith in others and faith in a generative force. Of these three factors, only the generative force does not require any input form us. We still need to have faith in this force to tap into it effectively, but we don’t need to develop the force itself. It is what it is whether we believe in it or not. If we apply the generative force to nature, we can see that plants grow whether we believe they will or not.

The same is not true of faith in self and faith in others. If we don’t actively develop these, they don’t develop. Chapters 9-11 in The Law of Abundance cover these three layers of insulation in detail and show you how to develop each one to healthy levels.